Our water-fed pole system that only uses de-ionised water
Water-fed pole systems allow windows to be spotlessly cleaned by removing the dirt with a soft bristled brush while at the same time rinsing them with pure water. The window is then left to dry and thanks to the purified water process there is no streaking. It also gives a fantastic finish to frames and sills, removing the build up of green algae, so the whole area and not just the glass is rejuvenated. We are able to reach heights of 8 metres (26 feet) without marking walls with ladders and can clean areas that are inaccessible by ladder such as skylights and solar panels.

Commercial window cleaning

We offer top quality, professional, contract and commercial window cleaning inside and out for:

  • Hotels, shops etc
  • Nursing and residential homes
  • Signs
  • Portacabins
  • External and internal glass
  • Solar panels
  • New build cleans

Domestic window cleaning

  • Windows and frames, inside and out
  • Atria and conservatories
  • All UPVC and cladding
  • Solar panels
  • Soffits and facias

A note about using High Shine Window Cleaning for your solar panels
Anything that blocks the light transmission to to your panels has the potential to lower performance and financial return. The build up of dirt varies according to your local environment but regular cleaning can make a significant difference to the output of a system. Regular tap water is unsuitable for cleaning the panels as it leaves deposits of salt and minerals which reduces performance. It's generally more cost effective to use us to clean them than to invest in a kit yourself.

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